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Flamengo® Ice Bath

Flamengo® Ice Bath

The ultimate cold therapy for home

Are you ready to discover the power of cold therapy with the Flamengo Ice Bath?

Imagine: after an intensive training or a stressful day, dive into a refreshing ice bath. Within minutes you feel how your muscles relax and your mind becomes clear. The benefits of an ice bath are countless: improved recovery, increased energy and a stronger immune system.

Why not experience the benefits of cold therapy in your own house? With the Flamengo IJsbad you can enjoy the revitalizing effects of cold therapy every day when it suits you.

Feel reborn and start your day with a fresh, new energy. Give yourself the luxury of the flamengo ice bath!

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Package contents

-Flamengo Ice Bath
-Protection cover
-Flamengo backpack
-Dual action pump
-Repair set (2x PVC Pad, 2x plastic plug)
Manual (English Dutch)

Optional: Polarpure module with insulating hoses



90 cm diameter
74cm height
Suitable length up to 2.1 m


Ultra durable fiber optic
Reinforced skin -friendly PVC
Isolated '' Solid Wall '' Construction
High pressure structure - 15 PSI / 1 Bar


450 liter content
15kg weight (empty)
450 kg weight (full)

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Flamengo Ice Bath

  • Outdoor diameter: 90 cm
  • Height with lid: 82 cm
  • Wall thickness: 5 cm
  • Capacity: 450 liters
  • Suitable for people up to 2 meters long
  • Insulation with thick rubber walls and air layer
  • Very durable, skin -friendly PVC reinforced with fiberglass
  • High pressure structure: Maximum 10 PSI (0.68 bar)
  • Thermal lid for constant water temperature


Flamengo Polarpure Module

  • Compact design, silent operation
  • Cools up to 3 degrees
  • PK: 1/3
  • External water filter
  • External water pump
  • Isolated water hoses
  • Cools water to 3 ° C
  • Size: 35cmx30cmx30cm
  • Weight: approximately 20 kg
  • Input voltage: 220-240V AC
  • Cooling capacity: 210W
  • Cools 450L (from 23 degrees to 5 degrees in approximately 15 hours)
  • Suitable for outside; Place in a dry place in the shade
  • Simple installation

    Set up your flamengo ice bath within 5 minutes. The special air valves make it easy to set up and empty.

  • Isolated lid

    The lid with insulation ensures that the water retains a stable temperature

  • High Quality

    Make long and comfort, thanks to high -quality, durable and strong material

  • Top insulation

    The bath and lid are made of thick rubber walls and an air gap-insulated construction. The insulated bath floor ensures that the outside weather does not affect the internal water temperature.

  • Spacious design

    Suitable for people up to 2 m large thanks to the spacious design of 90 cm wide.

  • Polarpure Module

    Designed to connect the Polarpure module, with which you can filter and cool up to 3 degrees.

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  • Energy Kick

    A session in the Flamengo Ice Bath gives you an unprecedented energy boost. The cold stimulates your body to create more adrenaline, making you feel refreshed and charged.

  • Get rid of the pain

    Whether you suffer from chronic pain or just want to relieve some muscle or joint pain, the Flamengo Ice Bath can do wonders for your well-being.

  • Mental Power Up

    Regular use of the Flamengo Ice Bath strengthens your mental resilience. It helps you to deal with stress better and ensures that you become mentally stronger and more resilient.

  • Quick recovery

    The bath and lid are made of thick rubber walls and an air gap-insulated construction. The insulated bath floor ensures that the outside weather does not affect the internal water temperature.

  • Immune boost

    The cold therapy of the Flamengo Ice Bath gives your immune system a big boost. It stimulates the production of white blood cells, making your body more resistant to diseases.

  • Boost your circulation

    Immediately feel the benefits for your blood circulation. The intense cold narrows your blood vessels, and as soon as you warm up, the blood flows through your body again. The result? A fresh and energetic start to your day!

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Customer Reviews

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I recently purchased the Flamengo Ice Bath and I am very happy with it. One of the biggest benefits is the relatively 'cheap' '' cooler (as far as you can still talk about cheap). I searched a lot, but in price quality it seemed best to me. Because of this I no longer have to work with ice bags, which was always a hassle and eventually became quite pricey.

The bath itself is of high quality and looks beautiful. I traded in my old, cheap bath for this stylish and sturdy option. It fits perfectly under my roof and is a real upgrade in both functionality and aesthetics.

All in all I am very satisfied with my purchase. The Flamengo Ice Bath makes the entire process of ice baths much easier and more pleasant.